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A week before Christmas I went in for my annual check up. Things were going well, till my dr. asked me if I had any other questions. Well... I brought up a couple of things I had been wondering about. 1. This little pinch I felt every once in a while in my lower abdomen. Since I had everything removed except ovaries about 13 yrs. ago... I wondered what else in that area would cause pain. 2. I have felt like I've had swollen glands now for like a year. Never really goes away, but lately I've felt like I couldn't swallow. Completely unaware of anything that would cause that feeling... just assumed it was me being hypersensitive. 

Well.. Dr. sent me for some sonograms. Wouldn't you know ... cysts. Really in both places, however in my throat, I have nodules. A couple ... one in particular that she was concerned about. It's hard... not fluid filled like soft cysts. SHE'S scheduled an appt with a surgeon... with a biopsy in the near future. I have been reading about both issues... nothing really to worry about just to be proactive about and keep an eye on. However, I guess what I'm really thankful for? I'm thankful that I spoke up and asked the doctor about the things I really wondered about. If either problem ends up to be something serious, we would have never found it, if I hadn't spoke up. Neither issue was obvious to the Doctor, or noticeable on the outside of my body. She would have never known I had a problem.


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